I Actually Didn't Laugh

JJ Olatunji

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    New song with Anne Marie & DFA - lnk.to/DontPlay

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    1. Garrett Piel

      Just make these react videos

    2. Ultra MB

      Activate windows still there 😹

    3. Minecraft Madness

      Did anyone notice in the video of the girls cat died there was a cat behind her walking around

    4. DeCryptedMemes

      12 seconds.


      4:24 best part

    6. DeltBelt

      No it goes like this: PS3< Xbox 360 PS4> Xbox One PS5 < Xbox Series X

    7. Osman TV

      so this was the most boring episode ever, yes?

    8. FaZe Tahrae

      the wishing well won had me

    9. Micah Knight

      i died when the kid said xhacka and other ones

    10. Ex Death

      So KSI has also seen the truth of Despacito now😂😂😂😂 Btw, he's from Pakistan

    11. LegendShadow

      Ksai with the durag

    12. William Magee

      Bruh this girl in my history class chucked her white rabbit across her room because it peed on her

    13. James Miller

      5 mil in 5 days holy shit

    14. Moza Mahmoud

      Stop shouting ffs

    15. Adil Ali Azfar

      Lahore news? WHY....JUST WHYYY

    16. [ ImSippinTea]

      I like it when he laughs tho

    17. Stefan Daniel

      You are a champion 👑

    18. Jake MacLeod

      Some say he is still shaking his hand

    19. master student DJ kim

      Hey does anybody know the song at 10:45

    20. Simply Rover

      Only the king gives us permission to laugh

    21. Abdul Tips And Tricks


    22. Dork1s

      Uh sorry ps5 is still terrible

    23. Lion Love

      6:47 imagine .... U r girl did this to u but that day u breakup with her and now are going out of the car but ur stuckkkk Damn that's awkward😖

    24. Ayden Lucas

      He laughed at 7.02

    25. HBTV

      I pray who ever reads this becomes successful, and we can all arise...

    26. Rhodybimmers

      Aunty you are lying😂😂

    27. SuicidalBOB B

      anyone come from quakitys vid

    28. Matt Koprek


    29. Carlos Albidrez

      Bro he laughed at 6:59

    30. ItzModza


    31. Tamás Salánki

      Xbox is trash

    32. Movement Woard

      yo man, stop lying

    33. mokman Dz


    34. Karam Marji

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    35. Crater YT

      I think xbox is better give your opinion in the replies

    36. Shreya Ballay

      Who else saw the cat in the background of the girl

    37. OREKI223

      5 day ago = 5 Mln views

    38. fgfghftfjtffyf Fyjhhtf

      jj laughs-we laugh jj doesn't laugh-we are disappointed

    39. Elia

      activate windows

    40. Frazer Lamb

      Jj watches things about beard heaven though he have none

    41. Samrat Aneervinya

      ratio this comment.

    42. Mardey

      1:00 Someone know whats video is it i

    43. Abdulrahman

      Mo, show us what did u cut

    44. Dynapie

      Ksi : who cares I got both Me: such a weird flex

    45. luigi za

      the video isnt fun when u dont laugh

    46. 53. VINAY 7A


    47. TERRENCE 2738 LOL

      He did it, that's impossible, how did he do it?



    49. nitrex 0769

      is it just me or did it seem like jj cut the video where he laughed then left it out of the video Just an idea because hes laughed every single other time, then all of a sudden he doesnt laugh like WTWFTFWFWTF Credit to whoever had this idea before me!

    50. Filipe Alexandre

      KSI the type of mate that always makes you pull the sound up and down

    51. Saprem Khot

      I laughed at Holy Shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    52. Charcoal Embers

      You know what would've made JJ laugh..... The template of this video

    53. AUSSIE MTB

      I feel like he did laugh near the end there and just as he was about to, mo cut it out

    54. AK- JXRDY-7

      Yo, the dude that made the song from the Facebook conversation was insane.

    55. Obie Marsh

      I actually didn't laugh (2)

    56. ScHoMBiE

      what does blue balls mean? (im a virgin so i dont know)

    57. deanosilkmusic

      Was doing well until Gorilla Glue. FML hahaha

    58. George Ferminky

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    59. ha whi

      The wide-eyed airport frustratingly radiate because salary experimentally whirl minus a abject math. troubled, vast airplane

    60. Amber Jones

      The interesting color consequentially identify because paste beautifully seal since a incredible chive. nondescript, abounding group

    61. laskin riubn

      8:16 can we just appreciate how hard that went

    62. qadlaon

      So many bad words tho🥺

    63. My pfp is weird

      Everyone: Watches the video Also everyone: *“You weren’t supposed to do that...”*


        i find it WEIRD how most of us will never acknowledge each other's existence, for example, if you're reading this, this is probably the first and last time you'll see THIS hugets.info/show/koNjftjdqomRsIY/vide.html&pbjreload=101

    64. Roger Lima

      Do BeTteR Mo' !!! Do BeTteR Mo'!!

    65. Duoxel

      Jj didn't laugh ok now I'm sad

      1. laskin riubn


    66. SJ ENDO


    67. Venom

      Tbh the woman in the last clip looked about 36, and yes I'm black

    68. Zahira-Li Lyons

      who else was shooketh when they saw it was the end and he didnt laugh, this shits illegal

    69. ahsan shah

      i laughed watching the thumbnail

    70. Mr. Jupiter, Ekb ghost

      wtf bro your windows is not activated !!! 😂

    71. Paige Georgiaaa

      someone please tell me what exactly he says at the start cuz all i hear is legit abc not anything else

      1. Paige Georgiaaa

        @catrobotdog thank youuu

      2. catrobotdog

        yo wassup your boy ksiolajidebt

    72. Antonio Ovalle

      how is he not verified

    73. Waters 595

      I laughed so hard on the 3rd on

    74. Oscar CG


    75. Dickmeiss


    76. Siah

      Ksi: doesn’t laugh Me: Markiplier flash backs😭

    77. Olivia Kelly

      So.. when I was watching this my 9 year old sibling walks by and says "oh are you watching that one black man?" 🤣

    78. Shantel Mckenzie

      *deep african voice* wakanda forever my nigga

    79. Uweis Qawi


    80. Carter Logue

      5:19 he laughed

    81. Hano Kareem

      I dont think i have laughed at any of JJ’s try not to laugh videos except his laugh lmao

    82. peterpan771

      Pls laugh

    83. Laveesh Nithiyananthan

      6:25, Its pretty close to a laugh

    84. Alex P C

      JJ: hasn’t laughed halfway through the vid Me: ok it isn’t funny anymore laugh JJ

    85. Dehmii

      Dislike becuase u didnt laugh

    86. Phoenix967

      Girl- “Were about” Me- “she is clearly British” Lmao

    87. Cmndmnt Trixify

      JJ: "I Actually Didn't Laugh " Me: Uh huh JJ:Doesnt actually laugh Me: *starts Crying*

    88. Amin Nour

      you know what? you really should care more bout your Iranian fans, king KSI

    89. wmw1210

      At first I thought this was clickbait

    90. elumama khalifa

      jj after the video rewatches all the vids *burst out starts laughing*

    91. IFE A

      i don't know how jj didn't laugh i was cackling the whole time

    92. NTRprise6

      Hello the old wise man

    93. SM10AHMED

      You laugh at 8:58

    94. Callum Davidson

      Is it just me or was the cat she's talking about being dead is behind her walking around

    95. Alboz Zz

      Aaah, this sucked.

    96. Michael Pagan

      Jj never realized the girls car was alive in the background



    98. Weebalicious Arts

      The subtitles in the intro: “Yo wassup your boy ksiolajidebt”

    99. Alan Veras


    100. AJ.

      Big up Mo for cutting all laugh parts